Tell Congress to Support the International Communications Privacy Act (ICPA)

Social media is growing in impact on decision-makers and is an important tool to communicate with Congress. It is a fast way to reach your elected officials. Members of Congress and staff monitor mentions from constituents and social media comments can spread quickly – even go viral. By filling out the form below, you can post Twitter messages and communicate to Members of Congress your support for the International Communications Privacy Act (ICPA). Your voice matters! Thank you!

Currently, legal privacy protections for email and other cloud-stored data are weak and uncertain. Our nation’s primary digital privacy laws were established 30 years ago, and do not adequately reflect today’s cloud computing technology, where data and communications are stored remotely and across national borders.

We need to update our nation’s laws to ensure privacy protection, giving digital communications the same protections provided for physical paper letters and documents. At the same time, our laws need to enable law enforcement to access information in the course of investigations, following appropriate legal processes and the rule of law.

To address this critical issue, a bipartisan group of Congress members recently introduced the International Communications Privacy Act (ICPA). If enacted, ICPA will establish a legal framework that protects privacy, respects the sovereignty of other nations, and enables U.S. law enforcement to obtain the information they need to keep us safe.

ICPA will bring important clarity to digital privacy and enhance trust in cloud computing, in the U.S. and internationally.

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